Laura Sednaoui is a professional painter, living in Oxfordshire.  

After studying at the Byamshaw Art School, Laura sculpted for 10 years working with Jean Gibson and completed a two year History of Art course 1982-84, before embarking on her current passion for abstract painting.   


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Artist Statement

My work has developed from the journey of a lifetime of painting; a journey that would not have happened without the influence of abstract expressionist painters, particularly the American and Cornish.

Central and paramount to my painting is the importance of colour, the conversation between colours is permanently in my head. 

Laura’s work is painterly, powerful and expressive, recreating time, place and emotional engagement. Sarah Stotten, The Stour Gallery . 


2019  Solo Exhibition, Asthall Manor, Burford OX18 4HW  

2012 Peter Blake and Laura Sednaoui, The Stour Gallery, Warwickshire

2011 Solo Exhibition, The Stour Gallery, Warwickshire 

2010 Solo Exhibition, Hollywood Road Gallery, London

2010 Group Exhibition, Dollar Street Gallery, Cirencester

2008 The Discerning Eye, Mall Gallery, London 

2002-2004 Art Fairs, New York and London

2002 Solo Exhibition, Collins & Hastie Ltd, Park Walk, London

2001 Group Exhibition, Merriscourt Gallery, Oxfordshire

1997 Joint Exhibition, Ozten Zeki, Walton Street, London 

1990s Group Exhibitions in Oxford 

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